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1002 Pin Oak Allen TX 75002 US

Lawns By John

Frequently asked Questions:

When do you start service? Service is available From March Through December.


We charge credit cards on the day services are rendered. (Per Visit Services). Monthly plans are charged on the 25th of the month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our per visit services can be cancelled anytime. Our annual plans require a signed contract.

What day will you service my lawn?

We service certain cities on certain days. However if you call early in the day, we can fit you in the schedule. We are most likely close to you at any given time.

What should I do before my service day to make sure my lawn is ACCESSIBLE to your lawn crew?

We ask that the lawn be clear of any debris or anything that would obstruct the mowers from mowing.


If it rains on the day your lawn is scheduled we will either arrive later in the day or the following day.

What if I notice damage to my property?

Any damage that you feel was caused by one of our crews must be reported within 24 hrs. We will not be responsible for damage to gates that are sagging, missing bolts or hardware, or have rotted or termite damaged wood.

How often do I water? Water Once a week, at least one inch, after we have mowed, if possible. If we are getting regular rain you do not need to water as often.

Do you mow the same way each time? We change the pattern In May and again In August.

I have soaker hoses around my house will they get damaged?

We do our best to weed eat around the soaker hoses as not to damage them.

Do you haul off the limbs, shrub trimmings?

We place the limbs and any other trimmings in the proper location for pickup by your city. If you wish to have the trimmings removed from the property there is an additional charge for this service.

Should I scalp my lawn in spring?

Yes. Any grass other than St.Augustine can be scalped and we recommend cutting the grass short ,not to scalp it in late winter into the first month of spring. (March)

How can you see what my lawn looks like without coming out?

We use several different methods to see your property online.

We are in most neighborhoods on a daily basis. We also use google maps. 

Can you get mulch and flowers?Yes we can pick up your mulch and flowers, you tell us what you want and pay it . We charge $25.00 for pick up of materials. You can order it at any nursery. Tell them Lawns By John will pick it up.

Can I email you? Yes you can email us anytime [email protected]

Telephone: 469-231-5054